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Issue #2: Trans Global Group, Inc. (TGGI) - Zip Code Changer!

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

For Issue 2, we chose what we believe is the most mysterious and enigmatic prospect in the OTC. Many believe that this ticker is the one that will rival TSNP in 2021 as the parabolic OTC runner that brings in droves of new investors, creates a new generation of whales, and serves as a point of reference for the "next big IT ticker".

The OTC Insider honestly believes that if this were an American company, it would already be priced well over $0.10.

Executive Summary:

Paul Seo recently put out a mega DD thread on Twitter that included 20 sub-tweets. I suggest starting with Paul’s tweet, then returning to read the remaining DD pack. It provides a high-level overview of critical context, key players, history, and potential revenue of the impending mega merger.

Paul Seo Mega DD Thread

Current Status:

TGGI, like most reverse merger candidates, has a sordid past and a history of shady ownership, dilution, and a period of OTC Markets non-Pink status. Former owner Dwyer's parting shot a couple of days before change of control was 800 Million shares of dilution to VS Services, and that tells you all you need to know about him and his other company INTEGRATED CANNABIS SOLUTIONS (IGPK).

Fortunately those days, like Dwyer, are a thing of the past. There has been ZERO DILUTION since Ren & Co. took control of Trans Global Group, Inc. in September 2020.

More interesting than no dilution? There is a belief by many, although unconfirmed, that an organized buyback of billions of shares has been taking place over the last several months. Refer to the section below titled, “Unrestricted Shares and Float, Buyback Theory”.

OTC Markets Profile

The challenge for OTC investors is that the company has not released any official PRs, 8-Ks, or news in the United States since assuming control in September 2020.

That said, the company has released close to 80 PRs through Chinese Social Media WeChat in the period from April 2019 – August 2021. A fact that should be encouraging to investors post-announcement.

Paul, Elvis, and Disrupt currently moderate six TGGI Twitter groups, total membership over 300. Reddit, Discord, Telegram, iHub, and Stocktwits add several thousand more following TGGI and its day-to-day news, updates, and impending catalysts.

The OTC is beginning to realize the legitimacy of TGGI, due in large part to the amount of available DD. The DD was also strengthened by the Audited Annual Reports released on 30-Aug-21. and the share price has begun to reflect that shift.

On Friday, TGGI was up ~45% on ~500M in volume, closing at $0.0074.

Who doesn't love an Origin Story?

28-Apr-2019: First Marketing and Product Release package issued on WeChat

20-July-2019: Launch of the NASDAQ Listing Process Discussion

27-July-2019: Signing Ceremony for Launch of NASDAQ Listing Process

01-Sept-2020: Official Announcement of Stock Code TGGI, Trans Global Group Inc.

22-Sept-2020: Change of Control from Dwyer to Chen Ren

21-Jan-2021: M&A Restructuring Signed

26-Jan-2021: Southsea Global Limited Incorporated in BVI

10-Mar-2021: Zuixiangui International Holdings Incorporated in Hong Kong

30-Apr-2021: Official Change of Control posted to OTC Markets

15-May-2021: Announced 300 Million Yuan ($46.5 Million) Advertising Venture Capital Investment

10-Aug-2021: Jiacheng Tang listed as OTHER COMPANY INSIDERS on OTC Markets, own 10+% (900M+ shares)

30-Aug-2021: Audited Annual Reports for 2019 and 2020 Approved on OTC Markets

Audited Financials:

Audited Annual Reports for 2019 and 2020 were uploaded to OTC Markets on 29-Aug-2021, approved and Active on 30-August-2021.

Audited financials are not required for OTC Markets. The audited Annual Reports have many speculating that TGGI is preparing for Uplist to NASDAQ, as well as preparing to list on additional international exchanges, and with additional international brokerages.


Link: OTCQB Uplisting Requirements

Link: NASDAQ Uplisting Requirements

Audit Report stated that auditors have served since 2019, adding context to the TGGI Three-Year Business Plan.


Venture Capital Advertising Investment

In May, TGGI received 300 million yuan ($46,500,000) in advertising investment from a venture capital fund.

How many tickers are you currently in whose market cap is less than the advertising budget for TGGI?

Fair question.


Chinese VIE Structure:

Zuixiangui International Holdings released a WeChat PR that appears to show the Business Plan and how the corporate structure is being arranged, and includes the US publicly traded OTC company, along with holding companies in BVI and Hong Kong.


Southsea Global Limited was discovered in BVI on 23-July-2021 by @nielin:


Southsea Global Limited, BVI:

Southsea Global Limited first appeared in the WeChat PR released 21-June-2021. The org structure showed TGGI at the top, Southsea Global Limited (BVI) under TGGI (cr: @markwstephens), and Zuixiangui International Holdings and numerous other companies below.

Note: Thanks to @turnkeyapps and Irene for the translation, and to the AI team that enhanced the photo.

A review of Zuixiangui International Holdings Incorporation Forms confirmed Southsea Global Limited as Founder for the Hong Kong Limited Company.


Further confirmation is now available after review of the BVI Incorporation Documents for Southsea Global Limited.


Jiacheng Tang and Jialesi (Gelecy) Biotech:

Excellent DD on Tang and Gelecy from Elvis and Paul.


Executives and Stakeholder Team:

Mr. Ren Feiyang (stage name) / Chen Ren, CEO and Chairman of Board of Directors

Mr. Dennis Tan, Administrator, Investor Relations

Mr. Jiacheng Tang, Zuixiangui Co-Founder, President of US TGGI

Mr. Sun Zhe, Co-Founder of Zuixiangui Wine, CEO of China

Mr. Du Hongcai, Zuixiangui Co-Founder, Director Lechao Beverages

Mr. Xiao Yang, Vice President of Operations

Mr. Wang Zheng, Executive Vice President

Mr. Zhao Yuntao, Winemaking Engineer, Zuixiangui

Mr. Jiang Nansheng, Zuixiangui Winery Commercial Operation

Mr. Yang Xiaodong, Chairman of Juzhao Digital

Mr. He Zhenlun, Chairman of Huafeng Technology Investment

Mr. Sun Yongfeng, Executive Director of Zhongrui Group

Mr. Hu Jiangfa, Chairman of Quanhuitong Logistics

Mr. Lan Guoping, General Manager of Xiangyu Industrial (Dongguan)

Mr. Chen Yunlong, Chairman of Yilian Advertising Engineering

Mr. Qing Ronghai, Chairman of Shengsheng Food

Mr. Sun Guangzhong, Director of the Office of Chaoqi Group

Mr. Yi Wei, Chairman of YiLike Home Furnishing

Mr. Li Wang, Director of the Wine Industry Region, Zuixiangui

Ms. Ma Ling, Regional Director of Zuixiangui Liquor Industry

Dr. Chiming Wei, MD, PhD, FAC, Advisor

Managing Director: Yan Yan

Shareholder Partner: Chen Tao

Shareholder Partner: Tang Qingli

Shareholder Partner: Yao Shaohong

Shareholder Partner: Wang Xuefei

Shareholder Partner: Ren Yuling

Shareholder Partner: Zhang Lihua

Shareholder Partner: Yang Wenxiang

Shareholder Partner: Tong Jin

Dennis Tan and YGMZ

Dennis Tan is the IR Administrator for TGGI, a fact documented in the SEC metadata for the Audited Annual Reports uploaded on 30-Aug-21. Dennis Tan is also the IR Contact for MingZhu Logistics Holdings, Ltd (YGMZ: US: NASDAQ). YGMZ, 52-wk high: $58

Du Hongcai

Du Hongcai, a Co-Founder, is also the Executive Director for Lechao Beverage. Lechao Beverages are the Chinese distributor for Pepsi Co and Lays. It is unclear how many of his companies, if any, are under the TGGI VIE Structure.

Red Ant Innovation Mall:

Owned by TGGI subsidiary eJulian Cross Border eCommerce, Red Ant APP is a social e-commerce platform for boutique members. Through the global selection of supply chain source factory direct acquisition strategy, and the business model of buying and sharing dividends with the properties of Internet celebrities live streaming, it helps hundreds of millions of consumers to become the Master of Social e-Commerce Platform with the consumption strategy of "interesting buying and sharing dividends".


- Blockchain Development for Global Supply Chain

- More than 10K #warehousing and #logistics systems

- Global Supply Chain, Direct Manufacturing

- deep cognitive intelligence #bigdata systems


New Social Media

- Investors: Lotte (South Korea) and world famous VC

- Supported by Chinese Government! (This is Huge!)

- Big Data #AI And Communication Computing

- 80K Internet Celebrities

International Brokerage Listings, Coming Soon!

Tiger Trading

Tiger Trading resumed trading of TGGI last week for Singapore residents, but it appears that it is not supported in other regions.

TGGI Shareholder in Singapore (27-Aug-2021)

TGGI Shareholder in Kuwait

It is also appears that there is a thriving TGGI community around the world, and they're all aware of the DD Mega Thread from Paul. The same one we linked as the Executive Summary.

The Palm Wealth app has an option to purchase shares as part of the "Ambassador Program." The program allows "Ambassadors" to purchase blocks of TGGI shares in 5,000 (750 USD), 20,000 (3000 USD), and 50,000 (7500 USD) Yuan blocks.

The marketing package for the program indicates that Tiger Brokers was used prior to the change in status from Pink to Pink Limited, non-Shell to Shell Risk, back in May. Both were updated in August.

Speculation is that the audited financials are due in part to relisting with Tiger and Snowball. This is purely speculation.


Snowball X

Snowball X is a strategic partner listed on the TGGI website

"Snowball X enables trading in global markets. We operate a fast and secure online platform allowing clients to buy and sell securities in Hong Kong, China and the US."

Snowball just launched an improved trading app.


Palm Wealth and Palm Venture Capital Co.

Shaanxi Palm Venture Capital Co., Ltd. is officially under the TGGI umbrella. The NASDAQ video that Ren & Co. released was originally posted on the Palm Venture Capital WeChat.

Palm Wealth Videos:

Palm Wealth released four marketing videos for TGGI and the March to NASDAQ. Palm Wealth is a Venture Capital Hedge Fund in Shenzhen, China. First link is the video, second link is the translation on Twitter. To view the videos, use Safari if your browser doesn’t play.


The original video, first alerted by @mattylightotc

Video Link


Palm TGGI Video #1, OTC extended:

Video #1


Palm TGGI Video #2, OTC:

Video #2


Palm TGGI Video #3, Why Did the Company Go Public?

Video #3


Confirmed M&As:

Quark Era Technology

Jialesi (Gelecy) Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

eJulian Cross Border eCommerce (Red Ant Innovation Mall)

Hazai Internet Technology Co., Ltd.

Tangwangjiao Wine

Yufeng Yuanzhuang Wine

Shaanxi Huasheng Seed Technology

Hunan Stamford Pharmaceutical Co.

Shaanxi Camellia Brewing

Shenzhen Daling Ecological Agriculture and Forestry Technology Co.

Casper Winery in Australia

Cascabel Winery in Australia

Jinshun Tobacco and Wine Company

Fuxing Tea

Eden Tea and Wine Company

Longyuan Trade

Leisure (includes dozens of companies)

Zuixiangui International Technology and Technology Sector:

Baoyuanjin Industrial Co. Ltd

Bai Chuangxin Retail Technology Co. Ltd

Expected M&A, but not confirmed:

Jasley Nano New Materials Co., Ltd


With confirmed mergers and acquisitions of approximately 20 companies, Total Revenue is expected to be between 200-500 Million USD when confirmed in SEC and OTC Filings in October or November.

The Business Plan is to continue to merge and acquire companies, essentially a re-pricing event each quarter when the Reverse Merger is confirmed through 8-K or SEC and OTC Filings.

Zuixiangui Wines: ~35M USD in estimated revenue

Hunan Pharmaceuticals: Over 30M USD revenue in 2019

Gelecy: ~25M USD is estimated revenue

Stanford Pharamaceutical: ~40M USD estimated revenue

Unrestricted Shares and Float, Buyback Theory

This is a theory, unconfirmed by Trans Global Group, Inc., but documented in interesting fashion by several TGGI shareholders.

El Guapo first alerted the underbids and began tweeting about the theory in July.


Volume vs Price Movement


Summary of WeChat PRs (Apr-2019 – July-2021)


Additional Media References for TGGI:

Insider Financial Video (04-Sept-2021)

Raji’s Chart Analysis (05-Sept-2021)

Link will be updated when Raji drops the new video.

Additional DD Resources:

Many claim to have alerted TGGI first, but what they really mean is that they included it in a list of 5-10 other tickers while in trips. Without DD. Without a reason to buy. Likely pumping for a quick buck. Alerts without justification to buy is not DD.

The first TGGI alert with an actual DD pack was from Drew Diligence in March. Drew has since moved onto big board, options, and a career as an influencer, recently tweeting “what’s up with TGGI?”

The current torchbearers are affectionately referred to as the Three Amigos and El Guapo. Fitting, and funny.

Elvis and Disrupt have been on the TGGI DD train since March, Paul joined the team in May as “the Ambassador and Philosopher, Team Builder”, El Guapo leading the buyback discussion since late June-ish.

To Follow the Three Amigos and El Guapo:




El Guapo

Social Media




Cr: Wizard of Ape Street



Weixin ID: zxgjy1919

Dropbox, TGGI DD Folder

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