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For $EEGI holders, nothing is more of a relief than stating in no uncertain terms....


Say it again. Mean it this time.


Okay, now that we've gotten that business out of the way we can discuss what's next and why $EEGI is now a BONDAFIDE BANGER. By banger, this is a trips play - currently bid .0004, ask .0005, low volume day 2 out of Expert Market - but has a big future, possibly $0.07 - $0.12 or higher.


Rhonda Awarded Custodianship May 11, 2022.

On May 11, 2022, the First Judicial District Court of Laramie, Wyoming granted the Application for Appointment of Custodian as a result of the absence of a functioning board of directors and the revocation of the Company’s charter. The order appointed Rhonda Keaveney (the “Custodian”) custodian with the right to appoint officers and directors, negotiate and compromise debt, execute contracts, issue stock, and authorize new classes of stock.

$EEGI moved to Expert Market on May 17, 2022.

Restricted Shares added in Expert Market.

Filings updated May 26, 2022 increased Restricted Shares by 10M.

"Ms. Keaveney was compensated for her role as custodian in the amount 1 share of Convertible Preferred D Series Stock and 10,000,000 shares of restricted common stock issued in the name of Small Cap Compliance, LLC."

SEC 10-12G (24-Aug-2022)
SEC 10-12G/A (21-Sept-2022)
SEC 10-12G/A (03-Oct-2022)
SEC 10-12G/A (11-Oct-2022)

Small Cap Compliance, LLC (‘SCC”) is a shareholder in the Company and Rhonda Keaveney is the sole member of SCC. Rhonda Keaveney applied to the Court for an Order appointing her as the Custodian. This application was for the purpose of reinstating EEGI’s corporate charter to do business and restoring value to the Company for the benefit of the stockholders.
The Custodian performed the following actions in its capacity as custodian:
·Funded any expenses of the company including paying off outstanding liabilities·Brought the Company back into compliance with the Wyoming Secretary of State, resident agent, transfer agent·Appointed officers and directors, held a shareholders meeting, and audited financial reports
The Custodian paid the following expenses on behalf of the company:
Wyoming Secretary of State for reinstatement of the Company, $188
Transfer agent, Signature Stock Transfer, Inc., $850
Amended and Restated Articles of Incorporation for the Company, $175

Audit expenses, $17,500

Custodianship Terminated, 29-July-2022

The custodianship was terminated. See Order Discharging and Dismissing the Receivership dated July 29, 2022 filed as Exhibit 10.1.

OTC Market New Updates

October 28, 2022 EEGI returned to Pink Current from Expert Market. The update took place after hours on a Friday. The first opportunity for retail to buy was yesterday, 31-Oct-2022.

Address updated, Rhonda Keaveney added as Officer.

Address and Phone Number updated

Primary SIC Code Changed

The Josh Egleston EEGI SIC Code was 7812, signifying the video production and marketing company.

The new SIC code is 1520, General Building Contractors - Residential Buildings.

What's next?

Speculation is rampant. The belief at The OTC Insider is that the merger candidate has already been identified.

1. Rhonda historically does not have her financials audited and file custodial documents through the SEC Edgar Company Filings.

2. Custodianship was terminated in July.

3. SIC Code Change is the most obvious tell that a merger has already been identified and will be announced soon.

Who is the Merger company?

Ultimately, do your own research. This is definitely not financial advice, more so speculation than anything, but The OTC Insider likes the story the empirical data is telling.

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