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Issue #4: Cannabis BioScience Holdings, CHNC

Cannabis BioScience Holdings, Ticker Symbol: CHNC, was brought to our attention through the extremely robust DD pack put together by @jeff_lien, @mikulscarn, @bigfundamentalz, @wildrhino.


The content contained within are the highlights from their DD pack. The full DD pack is linked above.

Authors Note:

  • The team compiling this DD pack does not have affiliation to CHNC, but sent the first draft to the CHNC team and received a FAST response saying they would be happy to look it over.

  • All factual information in this DD pack has been reviewed by the company and is verifiably accurate to the best of their knowledge.

  • Follow CHNC on Twitter! CHNC @ChnCstock


  • China Infrastructure Corp -> Cannabis BioScience Holdings. Name change approved!

  • Employees are rewarded with stock, resulting in 66% insider ownership today as the company begins rolling out new products/services.

  • As of 2020, the company’s past filings have been cleaned up and debt has been ELIMINATED!

  • DISRUPTORS! CHNC values education above all and strives to change the medical marijuana industry, not just be part of it. They aim to expedite acceptance by providing quality sources of information and guiding the world towards building sensible infrastructure that allows marijuana to be used in therapeutic scenarios WORLDWIDE!

  • All the resources to become a Contract Research Organization in the medical marijuana industry… and conduct their own trials!

  • In fact, CHNC is already conducting their own trials on cancer and respiratory diseases!

  • Covers everything you could imagine in the medical marijuana space: clinical research, publications, education, consultation, franchising… more to be revealed.



  • No toxic notes or dilution

  • No reverse split

  • Executed a 4B share buyback earlier this year

  • Float is 1.68 billion.

Precision Research Institute, LLC (PRI) is a medical research center that allows

@ChnCstock to perform clinical trials.

@pri_center has contracts with:

  • Abbvie

  • Samumed

  • Gilead

  • Intercept

  • Shire Pharmaceuticals

To assist in becoming a leader in cannabis clinical trials & education,

@ChnCstock acquired Pharmacology University Inc.

@PharmacologyU offers consulting services to doctors, dispensary owners, & growers in:

  • US

  • Puerto Rico

  • Latin & South America

@PharmacologyU also offers:

Late 2020, @ChnCstock utilized their acquisitions, @pri_center & @PharmacologyU, to study the effects of cannabis extracts and the three stages of COVID-19:

  • Inflammation

  • Immunosuppression

  • Catabolism Syndrome

In 2021, @ChnCstock launched ALPHA Fertility & Sleep Center, a company focusing on curing chronic sleep-related disorders & fertility problems.

@alpha_fsc provides the following services:

  • Fertility Consultations

  • Sleep Studies

  • Wellness Programs

In 2021, @ChnCstock reaffirmed that their focus is not only on cannabis, but also clinical studies in:

  • Knee osteoarthritis

  • Streptococcus & Syncytial virus vaccine

  • Asthma

  • Chlamydia & Gonorrhea

  • COVID-19

On June 24, 2021, @ChnCstock changed its name to Cannabis Bioscience International Holdings, Inc.

This change reflected their line of business and where they operated:

  • Europe

  • Latin America

  • Middle East

  • USA


  • PRI's phase II & III clinical trials.

  • Update on PRI's contracts.

  • Update on cannabis treatment of COVID.

  • Update on osteoarthritis clinical trials.

  • Update on Streptococcus & Syncytial vaccine.

  • FINRA name & ticker change.


  • Simply put, CHNC’s focus is to advance research and understanding of treatment options (mainly for medical marijuana) with the goal of providing solutions to “people who need it most”.

  • They want to be the change they wish to see in the world and destigmatize the cannabis industry.

  • A look at CHNC’s landing page for their new website highlights their “core values. They are passionate about making a difference in a budding industry!




CHNC is a research and development, pharma, education, clinical testing, and multinational organization working to set the standards for a growing industry in 109 countries.

CHNC owns Pharmacology University. They have 150+ publications, soon to be available on Amazon, Walmart, Google Play, Barnes and Noble, Audible, and more platforms.

The accounts are currently open and finishing transfer to E-format. The content is available in FIVE different languages, that include English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and Arabic.

In 2022, Pharmacology University plans to start production in Hindu, Mandarin, French, and German. This is a HUGE revenue stream.

COVID-19 Therapeutic Treatment, Letter of Introduction

Excerpt, the full LOI linked above

"Our project’s primary function will challenge the testing, efficacy and safety of the phytotherapy, in addition to prove our empirical dose range, through a series of clinical studies. Our strategical plan is to conduct Phase I - Phase III Clinical Trials, with the initiation of our NDA Application and Protocols.Phase I will consist of a group of 85 subjects, primarily testing the safety of our treatment. Phase II will consist of 225 subjects, testing the safety and efficacy of the treatment. Additionally, Phase III will consist of 400 subjects, focusing on the efficacy of the treatment with safety always being primary. At the completion of these clinical trials, the next objective is to start the manufacturing and international distribution of the treatment."


COVID-19, cancer, cannabis, education, retail, city and government, clinical trials, sleep, fertility

ARI Instagram Photos and Videos

ARI Webinar


This is a fully operating sleep and fertility clinic with a TON of services and a REVENUE generator!


Link to Pharmacology University


Link to Alpha Academy of Science

CHNC Publishes Its Phytotherapy Project With Cannabinoids That Seeks to Attack the Effects of COVID-19

“Houston, Texas--(Newsfile Corp. - November 18, 2020) - CHNC (OTC Pink: CHNC) Phytotherapy therapeutic program, comprised of cannabinoid molecule formulations, has the advantage of not having adverse effects and was developed to treat each of the three stages of COVID-19; from moderate, to the critical curse, and for the final leg of persistent inflammation, immunosuppression and catabolism syndrome.”


Industry professionals, cannabis advocates, general counsel, and research doctors

Dante Picazzo owns 58.5% of all stock. Dilution and Reverse Splits are off the table.

Digital magazine on medical cannabis

Cannabis World Journals – The best Magazine of Medical Cannabis

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