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Updated: Sep 5, 2021

Due Diligence is a two-way street and not limited to positive information about a company. If you issue DD, then later find out it is incorrect or new information supersedes the prior information, you have a responsibility to share that as well.

This is obviously not how we wanted our inaugural issue to go down, but fuck it. You have to do what it is right even when it is uncomfortable. Two sources stepped up and provided additional information that changes the whole prospect for NOHO, Novation Holdings, Inc.

First, Michael Gelmon confirmed that he is in charge and the information on OTC Markets is in fact correct. Second, Jeff Mack who is listed as the CTO on the White Paper, along with Rupert Hoogewerf have both confirmed that they have no involvement with the company or the project.

The White Paper and website appear to be an elaborate hoax. I hope that whoever put this scam together understands that this is a felony and will result in jail time when you are caught.

Verified DD:

NOHO was changed back to Novation Holdings with the Florida SOS last week.

NOHO has remained one of the most exciting, yet mysterious plays in the OTC since it was revealed that Mr. Yu Hang Yan took possession of 100% of the Preferred Shares and “51% of Total Voting Power of All Classes of Stock” several months ago.

Still don't have an answer for this...

Thankfully this part is true. Caren Currier (aka the Queen of Reverse Mergers) is consulting.

NOHO is a Florida Corporation that is focused on effecting a "reverse merger" (ref. OTC Filings)

Ultimately you are responsible for doing your own DD. We are not financial advisors.

OTC Markets Status:

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