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Issue #1: NOHO (New Disclaimer)

Updated: Sep 5, 2021


Welcome to the inaugural issue of The OTC Insider. To kick things off, we chose what we believe is the most exciting prospect in the OTC, and could rival TSNP as one of the legendary OTC runners that brings in hoards of new investors, creates a new generation of whales, and serves as a point of reference for the "next big IT ticker".

This week we are highlighting the enigma that is NOHO, (f/k/a) Dragon Life Science Holdings after being changed back to Novation Holdings with the Florida SOS last week, and soon to be Dragon Cloud Technology – if the analysis aligns with the information being disseminated.

Only recently made public, Dragon published the Dragon Ecological Token (DCC) White Paper on their new website, and needless to say the content is monumentally epic and will be explosive when retails catches on.

"Dragon Public Chain creates the world's first blockchain digital asset token using industrial circulation and settlement!"

NOHO has remained one of the most exciting, yet mysterious plays in the OTC since it was revealed that Mr. Yu Hang Yan took possession of 100% of the Preferred Shares and “51% of Total Voting Power of All Classes of Stock” several months ago.

The details of the delayed transition should be available at some stage, but with the publication of the Dragon Ecological Token White Paper in August 2021, investors now understand enough of the big picture to make decisions on Yan, Gelmon, and I’m excited to say Caren Currier (aka the Queen of Reverse Mergers).

NOHO is a Florida Corporation that is focused on effecting a "reverse merger" (ref. OTC Filings)

New Due Diligence on $NOHO

Company: Dragon Cloud Technology Ecological Co., Ltd

Industry: FinTech, Blockchain, Cloud


White Paper:

Ref. Dragon Ecological Token (DCC) White Paper, Section 1


  • US listed company, symbol NOHO

  • Over 400 employees worldwide

  • Asset management over $3.1 billion

  • Providing business services to 374 corporations globally

  • Businesses span across 80 regions in over 15 countries globally

With years of professional experience in global distributed mining networks and a strong technical team, Dragon Cloud Technology provides low cost, stable and scalable services that include digital asset mining, cloud services, global digital asset AI quantitative services, and asset management for enterprises and blockchain start-ups.

Roadmap: Global Launch August 2021:

Phase 2, 1Q 2022: Listing on renowned Digital Asset Exchange

Expectation: Dragon Ecological Token (DCC) will be listed on Coinbase in Q1 2022

6 Additional Reasons for excitement (in no particular order):

  1. Michael Gelmon is out (.001% Common Stock).

  2. Caren Currier is onboard.

  3. Active Twitter and Social Media

  4. Partnership with EY: Formed Ernst & Young Insurance Co., Ltd (DCC Token application)

  5. The executive team for NOHO is a who’s who of blockchain, fintech, and cloud technology. Read the White Paper linked above for a more detailed biography of the Dragon Founders.

  6. Brad Garlinghouse - Chief Strategic Adviser for Dragon

The current Ripple CEO is Brad Garlinghouse, who owns a reported 6.3% stake in Ripple, as well as additional XRP tokens. His net worth, based on the current rate, would be nearly $10 billion, placing him in the mid-50s on Forbes' list of wealthiest Americans.

Blockchain, Public Relations, Advertising, and Alibaba Cloud:

Translation: "Dragon Public Chain creates the world's first blockchain digital asset token using industrial circulation and settlement!"

Dragon Cloud joins hands to build Ernst & Young Insurance Co., Ltd. to serve Asia

What he said about $RIOT and $MJWL, same for $NOHO - but with ties to Alibaba, Amazon, and 374 Corporations Globally!

Domain Registered Same Day as OTC Filings

Top 3 Unknowns:

1. Timing for any US PRs, 8-Ks, or material public updates

2. New website

3. Changes to OTC Markets this morning

I urge you to read the Dragon White Paper for a more complete understanding of the Dragon team, it’s roadmap, and spend time reviewing share structure, filings, and the information available on OTC Markets and Twitter.

Ultimately you are responsible for doing your own DD. We are not financial advisors.

OTC Markets Status:

Share Structure:

Company Officers (Gelmon removed as CEO):

Twitter Resources:

Dragon Holdings

Dragon Cloud

Novation NOHO

Aisin Gioro Yan



Travis Taylor ATX

West Coast Closer

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