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Issue #3: Coastal Capital Acquisition Corp (CCAJ) - Low Float Merger Target

Coastal Capital Acquisition Corp (CCAJ) is one of the more interesting, yet seemingly undiscovered prospects in the OTC. CCAJ is a Low Float Clean Shell (LFCS) that moved from Caveat Emptor (CE) to PINK Current in August 2021.

Prior to August, CCAJ had not filed Financials or Corporate documentation with OTC Markets or the SEC since 2012.

Spoiler Alert: It is the belief of The OTC Insider that CCAJ is on the verge of announcing a merger with a high-profile biotech company. The theory is based on the addition of Dr. Barry Ginsberg O.D. as a consultant and the documentation filed with OTC Markets in August 2021.


Coastal Capital acquired Earth Surfaces of America, Inc. on April 30, 2012. Immediately prior to the closing, the Company was a Shell Company as defined by Rule 405 of the Securities Act of 1933.

On April 30, 2012, Coastal Capital Acquisition Corp, then controlled by Jeffrey Berkowitz, entered into an agreement with Earth Surfaces of America, Inc. and Anthony Di Norcia, whereby Earth Surfaces would become the Company’s wholly owned subsidiary.

The acquisition was rescinded on December 21, 2012, with Mr. Di Norcia remaining CEO and Director for CCAJ.

Ref. Notice of Change in Substantial Holder Interest - Current Report

Current Status

Coastal Capital Acquisition Corp (CCAJ) is a Low Float Clean Shell (LFCS), PINK Current, and focused on identifying and negotiating with merger and acquisition targets.

Note: Shell, NOT SHELL RISK (Ref. OTC Markets)

Share Structure, Low Float

Insiders Own 250M (26%) (Ref. Attorney Letter)

Outstanding Shares, Reduced by 1,350,000,000

Outstanding Shares, 2012: 2,284,739,050, Ref. Q3 2012 Report

Outstanding Shares, 2021: 934,739,050, Ref. OTC Profile

Preferred Stock Cannot Be Converted Into Common Stock

Key Stakeholders

Anthony Di Norcia, Sr.

Mr. Di Norcia, Sr. is the owner and President of Earth Surfaces of America, Inc. In 2012, he merged Earth Surfaces into CCAJ and became CCAJ's CEO and a director. When the merger was rescinded, he remained in control of CCAJ and is its CEO and a director.

Mr. Di Norcia's son Anthony Di Norcia, Jr. passed away in January 2021. Mr. Di Norcia, Jr. was a 40-year marble and stone expert and leader in his field, he spear-headed countless projects in Southwest Florida and CO-FOUNDED several companies including United Stone Installation, United Materials, Inc. (UMI), and Naples Stoneworks.

Spec Alert: The OTC Insider is speculating that Earth Surfaces of America, as well as CCAJ were family owned enterprises. With the passing of Mr. Di Norcia, Jr., Mr. Di Norcia, Sr. and Coastal Capital connected with Dr. Barry Ginsberg for the purposes of a Reverse Merger into CCAJ as a Low Float Clean Shell (LFCS).

Dr. Barry Ginsberg, O.D.

Dr. Barry Ginsberg, O.D. is listed as a Consultant on all of the recent Annual and Quarterly Reports filed with OTC Markets, as well as in the Company Officers & Contacts on the OTC Profile.

Dr. Ginsberg is also Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Strategist for Curative Biotechnology Inc. (CUBT). Prior to Dr. Ginsberg as Chief Strategy Officer, CUBT was trading sub $0.01.

Curative Biotechnology PR Newswire

On 08-Feb-2021, CUBT reached a high of $0.2195 and is currently trading at $0.11.

CUBT and CCAJ, Share Structure Similarities

Comparing two companies offers little value without evaluation of share structures. Both are low-float, with a low number of Outstanding Shares.

Dr. Ginsberg is a practicing Optometrist in the State of Florida.

Dr. Ginsberg is also the Director for a number of notable Florida Corporations:

Omega Capital Resources (w/ Director Edward Weiner)

Omega Capital Resources, LLC (OCR) connects People, Corporations & Governments to the raw materials and fuels that are essential for running the global economy. Whether looking for metals or fuels, the OCR team has decades of experience in sourcing supply, securing logistics and providing financial structuring to most efficiently serve our clients.

Capitaligence LLC

BHS Optical

Green Life, Inc.

Twitter Resources for CCAJ DD

Shawn 007

Coach Taylor

Westcoast Closer

Millennial Capital

Kanye Invest

Haad Trades

StockMinds 009


Angel Numbers 111

One of my reviewers pointed out something I missed during the DRAFT, the closing prices for CCAJ ($0.0111) and CUBT ($0.11). If you're looking for a sign, this could be it.

Note: This is intended to be fun, and should not be construed as science or true DD.

Angle Number Meaning

This angel number indicates that your dreams are being manifested. You’re attracting abundance and prosperity into your life. The angels are contacting you to offer support and help on your journey. Angel number 111 has its own symbolic meaning and vibration, which will help you feel closer to your guardian angel.

The number 111 contains two significant numbers in numerology: one and eleven. The number one represents independence and motivation. It also signifies new beginnings and the ability to let go and move forward towards success. Eleven is powerful and indicates your ongoing or impending discovery of your soul's mission and life purpose. Combined, the numbers are doubly significant, harkening spiritual awakening and inspiration.

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